2021 Annual Report

letter to shareholders

"At ExxonMobil, we are optimistic for the future, confident that our focus on developing and deploying high-value solutions will lead to real progress in meeting the world’s economic and environmental challenges. Leveraging our competitive advantages, we’re well positioned to meet needs of communities around the world, advance lower-emission solutions, and importantly, reward our shareholders."

- Darren Woods, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

2021 Annual Report

2021 Form 10-K

Financial and Operating Data

2021 Annual Report

2021 Form 10-K

Financial and Operating Data

2021 highlights

$23 B


$48 B

cash flow 3

$2 B

structural cost savings 1

39 yrs

consecutive annual dividend growth

  • Strengthening industry leadership

    ExxonMobil’s strategy focuses on maximizing our competitive advantages to grow globally competitive businesses by leading in earnings and cash flow growth through disciplined capital and cost management, strong operating performance, lower emissions intensity, and continuous improvement of the best portfolio in the industry.
    Strengthening industry leadership Strengthening industry leadership
  • Sharing success with shareholders

    For decades we’ve demonstrated our commitment to reliable and growing shareholder distributions, including a stable and sustainable dividend.
    Sharing success with shareholders Sharing success with shareholders


ExxonMobil is committed to help achieve a net-zero future. We are focused on leveraging our extensive experience in meeting vast and complex challenges to advance solutions at scale in the highest-emitting sectors of the economy. Our investments will enable us to achieve our emission-reduction goals and grow shareholder value across a broad range of future scenarios.

Meeting our customers' needs

We continually innovate and use industry-leading technology to safely produce lower-emission energy resources to affordably and reliably meet the fundamental needs of people around the world.

  • Affordable and reliable energy

    Our upstream operations bring reliable and affordable energy solutions to the world.

  • Transportation efficiency products

    Our refineries and logistics deliver high-quality fuels and lubricants around the globe.

  • Sustainable chemical products

    As one of the world’s largest chemical producers, we create sustainable products for modern life.

cautionary statement, frequently used terms, and footnotes

See Cautionary Statement on page 131 of the 2021 Annual Report for important information regarding forward-looking statements and terms used in this report. See also page 127 for Frequently Used Terms, and page 129 for footnotes.